Exceptional road transport

Exceptional road transport

For exceptional road transport with an indivisible load of great height, length or width, we have extendable low-loaders with beds of up to 27 mtrs in the floor and running heights of 30cm.

Study department

The routes of exceptional road transport are thoroughly inspected and prepared by our study service and pilot cars.
They literally pave the way for our experienced drivers and make exceptional road transport possible.

Permits and Advice

Exceptional road transport is not possible without the proper permits and notification from the authorities involved.
We ensure that all formalities are 100 % correct.
Contact us without obligation for the best advice rearding your exceptional project cargo.
Exceptional transport via inland and coastal shipping with transhipment and storage , is also possible due to our favorable location in Bruges.

Why is ABN Transport appealing?

  • Specialized know-how since 1995
  • Own study department and pilot cars
  • Precisely project according to your needs

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