Inland and costal shipping

Transport of indivisible items

Inland shipping and coastal shipping

Due to the exceptional sizes of some pieces, it is often prohibited to transport them via the normal road network. After all, some bridges and roads are not designed to withstand such enormous weights. Exceptional transport of indivisible project cargo therefore also takes place in a multimodal way, via inland shipping and coastal ships.

Complete performance

Our favorable location in Bruges at the Nijverheidsdok creates the possibility to offer water transport of exceptional project cargo. For this transport we work with pontoons, inland and coastal ships. In addition, we also provide the service to crane, securing and possibly covering the pieces. Everything takes place within a researched legal framework and with the right insurances.

Transhipment and storage is also possible for items that do not immediately reach their final destination.
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All loading and unloading takes place in consultation with our customers.
We are in close contact at every stage and we advise the best processes to minimize costs and ensure flawless transport.

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  • Specialized know-how since 1995
  • Own study department and pilot cars
  • Precisely project according to your needs

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